The Rise of the DevOp

Here is a quick reference to what a DevOp is:

In the last couple of years a new development position within companies has emerged. The DevOp. The DevOp is a cross between a Developer or Engineer and TechOps. The person who holds the title DevOp should be able to be hired as Developer or as a TechOp, their skills in both areas must be very competent.


The DevOp was born just after cloud servers and services became popular. Cloud services offered independent developers a chance to turn their ideas into marketable and competitive products very easily. There was just one problem, they didn’t have a company behind them with TechOp resources. So out of necessity, they learned how to do everything themselves. This was the beginning of a new breed of programmer.

Today there are many DevOp or DevOp-like positions available in companies. I have noticed a potentially trending problem however. A developer will begin to slowly take on the responsibilities of a DevOp, but the company doesn’t pay them more for that extra skill set they are using. Normally a DevOp is worth more than a regular developer, because his/her skill set is higher. However, when companies slowly integrate their current developers to become DevOps the “promotion” so to speak is overlooked.

Another issues companies might overlook the fact that the company may expect the same development performance from an individual who is now a DevOp. The problem with this is that with the new responsibilities, the DevOp becomes overworked and stressed which in turn negatively affects performance.

Please leave comments about your experiences or observations on a move from Developer to DevOp.

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