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Recursive glob() VS. RecursiveDirectoryIterator

The glob() function has been around since PHP4 and it is a very widely used function. Below is an example of a basic recursive glob function as found on I did take the liberty of renaming it to “rglob” I felt it was cleaner. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 […]

The New PHP 5.4

There is a new version of PHP has been released in the couple of weeks or so. PHP 5.4. I would like to highlight a few features that I am excited about. Here is a link to some basic new features from   Short Array Syntax The new short array syntax is such a […]

A Basic Database Connection Manager

The follow is an extremely simplified version of a database connection manager. It allows you to save multiple mysqli connections to make managing a complex environment more simple. There are many ways to implement a database connection manager this is probably one of the most generic and simple way to do it. 1 2 3 […]

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